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In the words of our Rector Magnificus Dr. José Agustín López González Pacheco our Universidad Azteca is what you want to be and, in fact, from the perspective of the faculty and lecturers our university is made up by all of you.

As Dean of European Programmes my focus is on provision of quality and high-end programmes provided by a carefully selected branch-campus education offer of our academic personnel. In Austria we aim at professional recognition and close collaboration with the branches of the Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) and with providers of recognised Master programmes.

My focus is, therefore, twofold: As Dean of Programmes I focus on student demand on one hand and quality of provision on the other. As Professor, I try to be available and responsive to my students´ needs, and my students know first-hand how much I work to maintain that standard.

Universidad Azteca International Network System applies the ECTS system as international standard, using the SATCA/SEP recommendations as applicable for equating Mexican and European credits. Because the ECTS system has become an international standard, applied by the UNU and GVU as well, Universidad Azteca issues a Diploma Supplement in accordance with UNESCO / CEPES format and uses the ECTS credits system for international comparability of qualifications.

We offer particular upgrade-programmes in Business Administration, Psychology, Law, to students with a Bachelors or comparable degree to earn their Licenciado or Masters degree with Universidad Azteca.

Graduates who qualify for admission to doctoral programmes are accepted to doctoral research after careful selection of candidates, with the option opt for Dual Degree programmes with prestigious affiliated universities.

Universidad Azteca has signed agreements with Universities in Europe as well, and as Dean of European Programmes, one of my tasks is to welcome more universities to academic collaboration as well as in creating programmes of study with our partner universities in the best interest of our students

For more information please visit the Deanship Website site at www.universidadazteca.net

DDr. Gerhard Berchtold,
Dean of European Programmes and the Deputy Director of
International Strategic Development