7 mayo, 2013

Azteca facts

Azteca Facts

  • Universidad Azteca (Azteca University) is accredited by the Quality Assurance Commission who examined the curricula and syllaba presented and certified that our institution has met all the standards set by the Quality Assurance Commission, and that the Mexican and European programmes of Universidad Azteca are accredited and validated as aligned in credits to the United Kingdom Qualifications and Credit Framework and the Quality Assurance Commission affirmed the comparability in standards and quality to programmes offered in the United Kingdom.
  • The Quality Assurance Commission is recognized as an accrediting body for the purposes of Key Information Set KIS, operated and published by the UK government Higher Education Statistics Agency, and registered as “Accrediting Body”.
  • Eight  (8) Campus nationwide. (Chalco, Cancún, Zaragoza, Los Reyes, San Juan del Rio, Cd. Acuña, Valle and Chicoloapan).
  • Branch Campus, Offices, Centres and Representatives in Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East.
  • More than 19,000 Alumni worldwide.
  • 19 years of existence in good standing.
  • Three modes of educational delivery:  On-Campus, Mix-Blended and Distance.
  • Cooperation and Dual Degree Programmes available.
  • Listed by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). [Note: U of A has been entered into UNESCO’s database of approved Universities and will appear in its official Directory. As noted on the organizational website, “UNESCO is the only United Nations body with a mandate in Higher Education.”]
  • Distinguished nationally and internationally for its first-rate degree offerings, rigorous curriculum and compelling areas of specialization at both the Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-Graduate levels. [Note: Every program has been scrupulously reviewed, course by course, by acclaimed field authorities identified and selected by the institution’s accrediting body and by other external agencies.
  • Distinguished faculty with international academic background. No less noteworthy, every approved or appointed faculty member has a record of markedly successful online and traditional teaching experience; a scholarly / professional agenda of merit; and a salient, unwavering commitment to student success.
  • A high-profile administration (many members of whom are internationally acclaimed scholar-teacher-leaders) oversee and ensure the quality of all programs.
  • Strong student support services that enhance the 24/7 learning environment available to students, thus fostering learning and maximizing academic success.
  • A first-rate, proprietary Learn Center (and Learning Platform), which is unique in that it boasts sophisticated features, technical options and learning resources while remaining most user-friendly.
  • The University Directors engaged in development of international network. While in its early stages, this outreach movement has already proven effective and has yielded both interest and attention. As the initiative develops, reports will appear on the University’s website.
  • Azteca University participated via our partner IIMTS and National High School in GETEX 2013 At Saeed halls, Dubai International Exhibition Center. A very successful event and, a vital opportunity to interact on a face-to-face basis with prospective students, current students, educators, associates and the business community in the UAE and with many attending from neighboring countries.
  • A notably well informed team of Admissions Officers are prepared, able and eager to assist prospective students through the entire enrollment process: from initial inquiry through formal admission to official student status. A valuable asset to students.
  • Is constructed such that by its diversity and cross-national emphasis, it has become an enriched, value-added repository for expanded learning, wherein internationalization and cross-cultural exchange.