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Announcing the 2016 Aztec Knight Awards Recipients

We work with wonderful people. Every azteca-night-logo2day, our colleagues go above and beyond their daily duties to enhance the care and services we provide.

The 2016 Aztec Knight Awards honored 2 of these individuals and teams categories at a special awards ceremony on December 9th 2016. The awards are designed to recognize associates, teams, physicians and volunteers who go beyond the call of duty to achieve extraordinary results in international education at Universidad Azteca International Programs.

Celebrate their achievements by recognizing their loyalty and inspiring achievements.

Even in a workplace full of remarkable people, some just stand out. They’re the ones who go above and beyond and accomplish impressive results in excellence and development.azteca-award-1

More than 29 nominees every year, from which their exemplary commitment to the people they serve. These are the educational leaders we look up to, no matter what their role. And now we want to recognize those who go above and beyond.  It’s an honor to which everyone can aspire.

Providing meaningful recognition for development well done is a core part of who we are at this recognition.

What is Above and Beyond?

Aztec Knight Awards, an annual recognition is our special way of celebrating the outstanding achievements of partners, associates, faculty, and collaborators.

Who is eligible?

Aztec Knight Award’s partners, associates, faculty, collaborators and volunteers on active status are eligible. Nominations can be for an individual or a team.

Who can nominate?

Anyone at the university community can submit a nomination; employees, faculty, volunteers, associates, board members, external examiners, students and other external groups can nominate an individual or a team. Nominators must identify themselves.

What is the nomination process?

Complete and submit a written letter to  to nominate someone exceptional.

A broad-based selection committee will determine award recipients from the nominations received. The committee includes representation from Universidad Azteca, UCN, Charisma University Alliance International University or UCAM and is made up of members of the executive team, faculty, chief administrators (directors, managers), or Board Members.

The Aztec Knight Awards honors individuals or teams who have clearly demonstrated behaviors or produced results (that go above and beyond the call of duty).  Consideration will be given to initiatives that occurred within the last two calendar years. To ensure that your nominee is duly recognized, please provide clear and specific examples of the individual or team’s performance, achievements, and accomplishments when presenting the nomination statement.

What are the award criteria?azteca-award-2

Nominations will be accepted from September 1st  until October 30th   to recognize teams, partners, associates, faculty, collaborators and volunteers.

In the following criteria:

Do you work with an individual or a team who…

  • Has made a significant impact on the support, expansion and development Universidad Azteca International Programs.
  • Is an exemplary team player or team.
  • Has made some significant contribution and positive impact on their results.
  • Has moved the organization forward in a meaningful way (example: by development; inspiring colleagues, student competencies, alliances or growth; and demonstrating a high level of integrity).
  • Exceeds student expectations and/or engages in exemplary behavior, such as community development.
  • Has shown trustworthiness and loyalty to Universidad Azteca and its partner universities.
  • Is a consistent high-performer.
  • Has made and continues to make a significant positive impact on international education.
  • Exemplifies creativity, intellectual curiosity and resourcefulness.
  • Has used those qualities to benefit Universidad Azteca by improving educational service and advancing academic practice.
  • Is a leader in research and innovation, and have advanced best practices through the use of an evidence-based approach to education, research, information technology, mentoring, and/or learning and development.
  • Has a talent for working in collaborative partnerships, either with internal or external groups.
  • Delivers quality educational services at International levels.
  • Showing exceptional initiative, perseverance, accountability or commitment in meeting or exceeding student needs.

Nominate today

Please send a Nomination Statement to before September 1st .


If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Campus Address:

Palma Esquina 3 de Mayo, S/N, Barrio San Antonio, Chalco, Edo. México. CP.  56600.



Tel/Fax: + 52 (55) 4119-2602   *   + 52 (55) 5986-3050

Mobile:  + 52 (55) 7185-9383

UNIVERSIDAD AZTECA is a Fully-Accredited Member of: the International Association for Distance Learning (IADL) of United Kingdom 2016

Universidad Azteca, Chalco, Edo. de México, Mexico, having satisfied the assessors and regulators and complied with the conditions of validation established by the International Association for Distance Learning, has been duly admitted to Accredited Membership of the Association from 19 August 2016 to 19 August 2017 with membership number 15171.

IADL Accredited Membership is a system of review which periodically evaluates the extent to which an institution achieves its own objectives and meets the standards determined by IADL. Evaluation addresses operational and curricular issues fundamental to the delivery of quality education and training, via the medium of online, distance or open learning. Consideration is also given to in-house quality control systems. Members are assessed to ensure that learners receive a product which is consistent with the values and policies set by the IADL. Course-providers are required to undergo periodic re-assessment by IADL assessors and evaluators, and agree to adhere to our Code of Practice. Accredited Members have satisfied IADL assessors, officers, and regulatory staff that their organisation, programmes, and quality assurance procedures comply with the operating standards required by the Association.