Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Gerhard Berchtold, PGD, MBA, MPA, LLM, MSc, Dean of European Programmes / Vice-Director of International Strategy Development / Programmes coordinator of double degree programmes with UCN & UCAM & European universities

Prof. Dr. S. S. Riaz Ahamed, AMIE.,MCA.,MPhil., M.Tech.,MIAE.,MIEEE., Ph.D (CSE)., Ph.D ( IT&CS).,FIACSIT., FIETE., C.Engg., Informatics and IT

Prof. HR Dr. Friedrich Luhan, CMC, Law & Management

Prof. Dr. Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis, Biopolitics

Prof. Dr.med. Kai Wulf, Medicine & Health Sciences

Dr. Rechad Abdool Sayfoo, Director of Branch Campus Mauritius, African Programmes Coordinator, Chairman of Mauritius Qualifications Authority MQA

Prof. Mag. Dr. Dr. Dr. Christa Zuberbühler, MEd, MSc, MBA, MPA, Dean of Branch Campus Leobersdorf, Austria

Prof. Dipl.-Psych., Dipl.-Soz. Dr. Nandana Nielsen, Dean of German language Coaching Programmes

Prof. Dipl.-Psych., Dipl.-Soz. Dr. Karl Nielsen, Dean of German language NLP Programmes

Prof. Mag. Mag. Dr. Dr. Mario Art, MSc, MBA, Dean of German language programmes in Economics and Financial Management

Prof. Dr. Dr.-phil. Peter Christian Endler, MAS, Complementary, Psycho-Social and Integrated Health Sciences, Dean of Branch Campus Graz-Schloss Seggau

Prof. Dr. Paul Pass, Psychology and Child Development

Prof. Lic. Dr. Urs Gruber MSc (Natural Medicine, Dean Branch Campus Baar)

Prof. Dr. Hubert Dollack, Economics and Management

Prof. Dr. George Mentzelidis PhD, Economics and Management

Prof. Dr. Dimitrios Koumparoulis, Economics and Management

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Peter Hodecek, MBA, Assistant Professor (Waste Management)

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Helmut Ogulin, MBA, Assistant Professor (Waste Management)

Prof. Dr. Dr. Eszter G. Banffy, Dean of German language Social Counseling and Rehabiliatory Psychology (Complex Perception Therapy acc. to Banffy) Programmes

Prof. Lic. Dr. Michael Sageder, MBA, Director Bio-Energetics Branch Campus Aurach Research Center (interuniversity research projects in health sciences)

Ass.Prof. Mag. Lic. Franz Clemens Pichler, AKM, MBA, MPA, Director of Branch Campus Wels, Assistant to Dean of European Programmes

Ing. Lic. Dr. Dr. Helmut Koger, MBA, MPA, Pharmaceutical and Medical Products Marketing

Ass.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Alfred Wagner, PhD, Management and Technology Research

Prof. Mag. Dr. Erich Krieber, MBA, MPA, Tourism Management

Prof. Mag. Dr. Daniel Pühringer, Business Administration and Consulting

Prof. Mag. Dr. Angelika Braunschmid, Management Research

Prof. Dr. Dr. Karl Werres, Integration Sciences, Management Research

Prof. Dr. Claus Securs, Business Administration

Prof. Dr.med. Titus Schultz, Health Sciences

Lic. Bernd Kirchmair, MBA, Institute of Coaching and Applied Psychology (Dean of European Programmes division)

Prof. Dr. Jacinta A. Opara, BSc(Hons), PGD, MEd, MSc, MSc, Lecturer for Dean of European Programmes in Sustainable Development

Lic. Felipe Fernandez Rivadulla, BA, MBA, MEd, Coordinator for Spain and Latin American students in double degree programmes with UCN

Prof. Lucio Martínez Villalobos, Direction of Languages Department

Lic. Sonia Cárdenas Sánchez. Director for Psychology and Pedagogy Department

Mtro. Iván Torres Castillo. Professor Architecture Department

Lic. José de Jesús De La O Mercado, Professor Administration & Economics Dept.

Lic. Oscar Espinosa Olvera, School Control

Pst. David Cano Sandoval. Technology & Information Systems

Pst. Miriam Ramírez Torres, Rectory Assistant

Profa. Verónica Zarate Sánchez, Director Campus Los Reyes

C.P. Jesús Pérez Albarrán. Administrator Campus Los Reyes