14 junio, 2013

Licenciado en Pedagogía (Health Scienes) / MA

 Licenciado en Administración de Empresas / MBA 

Licenciado en Pedagogía (Health Scienes) / MA

Entrance requirements – 180 ECTS credits Bachelor degree or equivalent

Mode of delivery – online / blended

Minimum duration in months – 12 months – 60 ECTS credits

Workload (CAT or ECTS credits) 60-120 ECTS (depends on entry credits): total 300 ECTS

Contact with students – tutor & study department & registrar

Full-time Part-time – both applicable

Inter-university programme – YES, with UCN available

 Licenciado en Psicología / MSc 
 Licenciado en Pedagogía (Health Scienes) / MA 
 MBA (UA) & DBA (UCN) 
 Maestría en Ciencias de Educación M.Ed. 
 MEd (UA) & Dr. (UCN) – concentration Business Training 
 Licenciado en Psicología / MSc & Dr. (UCN) Psychology 
 MEd (UA) & Dr. (UCN) – concentration Health Sciences
 MEd (UA) & Dr. (UCN) – concentration (Education) Psychology 
 Dr. (UA) & Dr. (UCN) – concentration Education 
 Dr. (UA) & Dr. (UCN) – thesis doctorate in Social Sciences 
 Double degree programme: Business Administration 
 Double degree programme: Psychology & Coaching 
 Double degree programme: Business Administration (Master + PhD) 
 Double degree programme: Business Administration (Master + DBA) 
 Double degree programme: Psychologie (Master + Doktorat)
 Double degree programme: Management-Training and Consulting (MEd + Dr.)
 Double degree programme: Health Sciences (MEd + Dr.) 
 Double degree programme: Complementary Health Sciences 
 Double degree programme: Psychosocial Health 
 Double degree programme: Child Development