7 mayo, 2013

Tuition Fees

Tuition & Financial Assistance.

When you make the decision to enroll at Universidad Azteca (Aztec University) to complete your degree it’s not only a great investment in your future, but a great value as well.

Universidad Azteca (Azteca University) applies fees based on regions and country level of income tuition for the completion of your degree. We do not charge per credit.

Our goal is to offer mid-career professionals a flexible and affordable option for completing the degree.

Tuition varies with field and degree program. Research degrees are assessed different tuition rates than professional degrees.   Students who receive university assistantships or fellowships generally will receive tuition support from Universidad Azteca International Programmes.

To make getting your degree at Universidad Azteca even more affordable, we offer a no interest payment plan. In addition you can apply for Scholarship Program when available.

Books for individual courses are not included in the cost of tuition, as provided in the enrollment process. A comprehensive list of required books for each course (author, title, publisher, edition, ISBN number, cost of new book and used book, where available) is provided as a supplement to the enrollment and is available via link within the online platform LMS.

The details relative to each required book allow students who so choose to obtain books from any alternative provider they elect.

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