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student Profile

Our average student has the following profile.

38 years of age, male, earned 1,8 academic degrees prior to admission, speaks 2,4 languages, works in management position, is enrolled in a programme with average workload (duration) of 4 semesters, would typically complete a graduate degree (Licenciado, M2 Master) and would also pursue a post-graduate qualification (postgraduate Maestría or Doctor).


Students from 14 countries enrolled with Universidad Azteca European Programmes in period 2009/2010 share the following characteristics:

100% of our accepted applicants have earned at least 180 ECTS credits (EU Bachelor equivalence) or have successfully passed at least 6 semesters of college level courses leading to a diploma or degree.
97% of our accepted applicants (enrolled students) have earned at least one higher academic diploma or degree. 84% have a Masters degree, 53% have two or more Masters degrees.
62% of our students study at graduate level (300 ECTS); 38% study at postgraduate level (Min: 360 ECTS).
64% study business administration and management; 18% study psychology.
96% of our students work. 52% of those who work are either self-employed or in management positions.
27% of our students are additionally enrolled in a university or college within the European Union.
23% of our 2009-enrolments have already graduated by September 2010.
Several of our graduates have been admitted to post-graduate programmes (Master, Doctor) by European Universities.
92% of European Programmes students are from the European Union.
52% of our students study in German, 46% study in English, 2 % in Spanish.