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  • Business Administration : ADMINISTRACIÓN DE EMPRESAS – CIENCIAS SOCIALES Y ADMINISTRATIVAS (ACUERDO N° 982009, 1998-02-10) (RVOE Registration)
  • Degrees offered internationally 
    Licenciado en Administracion de Empresas = Master of Science in Business Administration 

    available as double degree programme with:

    Master of Business Administration (MBA) by Universidad Central de Nicaragua
    Magister in Business Administration (Mag) by UCAM (Spain) "MAGISTER IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION" - DOWNLOAD STUDY PROGRAMME
    Inter-university dual postgraduate degree combination
    Maestría en Educación (MEd) in Business and Management Education by Universidad Azteca with RVOE (programme accreditation) in Mexico by Universidad Azteca, with
    Doctor of Business Administration (Dr.) by UCN Universidad Central de Nicaragua


    Train managers by implementing a contemporary methodology based on solution of practical cases for professional administrators to emerge to provide graduate solution to the current problems of business in Mexico in the various fields: financial, economic, and administrative, as well as excellent researchers, achieving the correct distribution of resources for an adequate economic development of enterprises.

    Training professionals in business administration with high standard and excellence, through a strong, efficient scientific, technological and human preparation to implement the theoretical knowledge in management, administration and organization of economic, technological and human resources for the adequate financing of any company.


    Apply financial information to analyze the advantages and disadvantages that arise in the field of investments to provide accurate and timely information to support a means for entrepreneurs to make investment decisions.

    Extensive knowledge in the field of business administration, through which advice may be accurate and timely manner to both public and private companies.

    In production strategies by analyzing the performance of the companies so that they can optimize their resources and thus achieve substantial economic benefits.

    Design more efficient administrative structures that allow companies to reduce their rate of work or increase their efficiency in it.