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The programme trains lawyers at the Licenciado level (Master level in Europe) in a 10 semester program, available in various specializations and country specific features through our global branch campus networks.

Training professionals in business administration with high standard and excellence, through a strong, efficient scientific, technological and human preparation to implement the theoretical knowledge in management, administration and organization of economic, technological and human resources for the adequate financing of any company.


Its general aim is the training of professionals enable to understand and address the issues inherent in the legal field to individuals as professionals with a strong commitment to service, commitment and social responsibility economic, political and cultural life.


  • Advise and / or represent in legal matters, the interests of international institutions and agencies, federal, state and municipal public private.
  • Represent companies and individuals to prevent and solve problems, interpreting and applying the legal provisions.
  • Provide legal advice in the legislative process of the problems that require regulation and judicial procedures applicable to the various organs of administration of justice.
  • You will know legal planning to develop financial and stock market shares. Internationally trade in dispute.