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Dual Degree

Collaboration with UCN Universidad Central de Nicaragua

Universidad Azteca and UCN Universidad Central de Nicaragua have signed an agreement on academic and scientific collaboration - This agreement with fully autonomous Universidad Central de Nicaragua enables students to enrol in any of the double degree programmes at postgraduate level (Master, Doctor) in the following study areas:
  • Business Administration and Management (MBA, MSc, PhD, DBA)
  • International Commerce (MSc, DBA)
  • International Relations (PhD)
  • Law (various specialisations) (Dr.)
  • Psychology (PhD)
  • Environmental Science and Environmental Management (MSc, PhD)
  • Health Sciences (MSc, PhD)
  • Medicina Alternativa (Natural Medicine) (MSc, PhD)
  • Public Health (PhD)
  • Public Administration (PhD)
  • Social and Political Sciences (PhD)
  • Education  (D.Ed.)
  • this is a non-exhaustive list of the programmes available as double degree programmes.
  • Universidad Azteca de Chalco and International University of Business and Law agreed to conduct a double degree programme at the doctoral research level, offered to international students in Spanish, English and German study and dissertation languages utilizing the various educational partnerships and branch campuses of the two partnering universities across Europe and the Americas.

    The programme offers students research opportunities at the doctoral level and earns two doctoral degrees by one dissertation.

    Entry requirement is a M1 Master degree or four years degree with a workload of 240 ECTS credits (300 mexican creditos).

    Degree requirements are 180 ECTS or the equivalent of 3 years of study, consisting of the course-curriculum period and the research dissertation project.

    The double degree programme offers students the greatest possible flexibility and opportunity to earn two distance degrees at the doctoral level.

    The International University of Business and Law degree is explicitely accredited at the fourth level and hence recognised internationally, the Universidad Azteca de Chalco degree is a legally awarded by the university in accordance with Art. 59 of the General Law of Education in a study area in which the university is accredited.

    Limited number of students per year accessible - contact us for pre-evaluation of your eligibility.

    The academic curriculum can be individualised to the students area of specialisation and the research project will focus on the research question of the thesis project.

    Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Certificate of Accreditation, Series PI-IV, No. 224087, Private Higher Education Establishment, International University of Business and Law (IUBL), according to the decision of the State Accreditation Commission dated 22 June 2006, Minutes No. 61 (the Order (Decree) of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 29.06.2006 No.2043-JI), has been acknowledged as accredited with the status of a higher education establishment of the (IV) fourth level – which is the doctoral research level at PhD level.

    International University of Business and Law, Location of the legal entity: 73000, the city of Kherson, 49th Gvardiyska Dyviziya Street, 37A is also accredited in the following fields of study and specializations: Field of Study: Economics and Entrepreneurship - Specialization: Finance, Accounting and Audit, Marketing. Field of Study: Management - Specialization: Management. Field of Study: International relations - Specialization: International Economic Relations. Field of Study: Law - Specialization: Legal Studies. IUBL is also accredited for training foreign nationals within given fields of studies.

    IUBL (MUBIP) Accreditation: International University of Business and Law (English name) or (Privatnij Vishij Nav?alnij Zaklad) Mižnarodnij Universitet Biznesu i Prava (Ukrainian name) is accredited at highest level IV according to Ukrainian higher education laws.  

    See the level IV or PhD-Accreditation of IUBL or MUBIP

    See English translation of the Accreditation Certificate